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That's A Buck is a Chronic son we produced from purchased semen and one of our very best wether producing bred does.  As a Chronic son, he is a grandson on the Clone Buck of the 2013 Grand Champion Wether at the Fort Worth Stock Show.  There is a lot to like about TAB.  He is extremely wide based, heavily muscled everywhere, top, butt, upper leg, lower leg, and all between.   He is tight skinned and has exceptional hair that clings to the body and makes every muscle show it's ripple.  We won't make many bucks out of him but will offer his daughters.  "Shag" has become the "in" word for online sales.  Don't know exactly what you do with "shag" other than confuse buyers online with hair for muscle.  But, if that is what it means, I don't think his offspring will let you get away with that!  The pictures of him were taken in July after he shed his winter coat.  Nothing has been clipped or "touched up".






Curly grandson 5.JPG (176870 bytes)Curly grandson 1.JPG (213390 bytes)H 479  06.27.2011 Picture 5.jpg (87823 bytes)H 479 06.27.2011 Picture 2.jpg (77375 bytes)


Man O Man 1.jpg (273057 bytes)Man O Man 2.jpg (264921 bytes)


Man O Man SMALL 1.JPG (226955 bytes)Man O Man SMALL 2.JPG (194886 bytes)Man O Man SMALL 3.JPG (190198 bytes)


Well, we thought he would be a game changer for us.... and we were RIGHT!  We had trouble getting a name for him until we showed him off at our 2011 Wether Auction.   Routinely, people looked at him and said "MAN O' MAN".  That name seems very appropriate.  This Wether Sire is a product of some of the best wether breeders in the State of Texas.   We appreciate the opportunity to purchase him from Helms Show Goats.  His sire was produced when Jim Lambert put Mike Kelly's Curly buck over a flushmate sister to Freightrain.    His dam is a daughter of  S100 a Tommy Morriss bred buck and son of El Comandante.   Take a look at the muscle definition, the width, the butt, the groove down his loin, and the round rib shape.   He is so much fun to watch on the move.  In very light use, he produced only a handful of wethers in 2012.   Most haven't even showed yet but those that have are raking in the laurels,  a Reserve Division Champion in Oklahoma and a multiple Grand Champion in Texas.   


A Man's Man


He's a Man's Man 1.jpg (243112 bytes)He's a Man's Man 2.jpg (219002 bytes)BUCK 4.JPG (331402 bytes)

From end-to-end 10 B is complete, so complete we have to call him A Man's Man.  The pictures above were taken at six months of age.  He is extremely balanced, level made, and muscular.  Good bone without looking like a Clydesdale.  He's long-sided without breaking down or giving up that roundness of rib.  He walks square and stops square.  His skin is tight and so thin you'd think you were going to tear it.  He's not a full blood, so many of the good ones today aren't, but he will be a wether making factory.   Oh, did I mention his sire is Man O Man out of an own daughter of Freightrain.   What more could we ask for?


Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy is an own son of Man O Man.   His dam is a TLB Jack granddaughter, out of our PPW 6B63 wether sire that can be seen below in Previous Sires, over EGGS breeding.  He is quite the looker!  He is big topped, long bodied, muscular, and stands on four corners.   We named him Pretty Boy because he is a natural poll which just makes that head and face more attractive.    His offspring are about half and half horned and polled.  


What a Steel

What a Steel is about as thick and muscular as you can make a goat!   He is a Kohls bred buck that we purchased to be used on our tightly bred Man O Man and Festus bloodlines.   He hasn't disappointed us, wide with big butts, with big tops, with rib shape, with a lot of bone.    



With Daughters in our Doe flock




Y 06 PICTURE 1.jpg (162077 bytes)Y 06 PICTURE 2.jpg (171760 bytes)

We really like this buck we raised.  He has all the right pieces to make a real stamp on the wether business in Texas.  He is sired by the Festus son TH X 8067 and out of doe that has a pedigree that is loaded with great goats.  Ryals Topbrass, Big 85, and Eggsfile are just a few.  He is square and level with bone and lots of muscle.  His top is thick, wide, starts with great rack shape and ties in perfectly at the hip loin juncture.    We have used him three years and his kids have been exceptional. 



TH X 8067

FESTUS A.jpg (64678 bytes)FESTUS B.jpg (67665 bytes)

TH X 8067 is a cornerstone of our Wether Program.   He is extremely long, extremely level, extremely tubular, and puts a rack shape in his kids that the judge will love to grab.   That all makes sense when you consider he is a son of GHUT Festus, a grandson of HMB El Comandante, a great grandson of NK Stud Monkey over PH Bingo, and his dam is Trueheart's great doe TH V6123.   


PPW 6B63

PPW 1 PROFILE.jpg (100829 bytes)PPW 2 FRONT.jpg (93902 bytes)PPW 3 PROFILE.jpg (95848 bytes)PPW 4 REAR.jpg (91870 bytes)

If your serious about raising quality wethers, you've most likely got a TLB Jack son or you're looking for one.  PPW 6B63 is a son of Jack and has proven himself as our senior Wether Sire.  We purchased him at the 2006 Payne Evans sale in San Angelo.  It only took one trip through the offering at that sale to determine that the most consistent sire was TLB Jack.  His kids had exceptional tops and butts while standing square on the feet with a really square hip structure.  We had to have one.  Study his pictures and I think you'll like him, too!!!



MUCHO TEQUILA SMALL 004.jpg (60455 bytes)MUCHO TEQUILA SMALL 002.jpg (74712 bytes)

There is a reason that Powell/Holman wethers have placed so high in the majors and won so many carcass contests when the judging gets done on the rail.   They raise the right kind of wethers.    At their production sale in September 2010, we picked out several young buck kids before we ever looked at a sales list.  Turned out the wethers we liked were all out of the same buck, Powell/Holman Tequila.  They weren't the oldest but they were put together right.  Our top pick was the youngest in the pen and we were excited to get him.  We call him Mucho Tequila.  He is big butted, wide-based, big topped, big boned, and something we cherish in a wether sire, moderate sized.  He was a little young for the 2010 breeding season but we still paired him with a few does.  The first show doe kid picked was one of his daughters.   We only had three wethers born to him in 2011 and we're anxious to see how they do.  We'll use him more for 2012.  



TH 9091 (deceased)

TH 9091 is an own son of GHUT 55 out of Matt Browns great doe TH V6123.  If you attended the Trueheart Dispersal Sale in the summer of 2009, you saw GHUT 55 sons sale for over $10,000.   TH 9091 is a flushmate brother to a number of those bucks.   He is also a half brother, out of the same dam, as our Wether Sire TH 8067 above.  This will give us an opportunity to tightly breed in the future.   TH 9091has the potential to produce extraordinary wethers.  He is "Cobra" necked, thick, squarely made, big butted, long bodied, wide based, and as true walking as you can make a buck.   The best part is when he comes to a stop he is absolutely beautiful with his head coming right out of the top of his shoulders and the legs on all corners.   He is a show wether producer because he thinks and carries himself like a champion!  Pictures will come!


TLB 703

We liked the Jack breeding so much that we wanted to expand on it but didn't want to use a brother to PPW 6B63.  We accomplished the task in an exceptional way.  We acquired a son of TLB Jack's brother.  But, it wasn't just any brother.  We got an own son of TLB "Ripper".   TLB 703 has excellent length and width, a nice rib shape and has a big butt.  He walks with width on both ends and stops with four legs on the corners.  He's just a long yearling in the pictures below.  His wethers have been the highest selling wethers at our Wether Auction the past two years.  


703 1 PROFILE.jpg (100937 bytes)703 2 FRONT.jpg (93250 bytes)703 3 REAR.jpg (89159 bytes)



#18 FOOTS (deceased)

AT 8 MONTHS Mvc-503s.jpg (102427 bytes)Mvc-505s.jpg (62939 bytes) 8/10/03Mvc-578s.jpg (87756 bytes)Mvc-580s.jpg (85353 bytes)

click to enlarge

The more I look at Boer goats the more I realize that there are specific blood lines that I consistently like.  Wayne Ables down in Mills County, Texas, has a buck named Sparky that sires animals that always catch my eye.  Take a look at #18 Foots.  You can drive the tires off your pickup and not find a thicker, meatier, buck that stands square on his four corners.  He is pictured above at less than eight months of age.  We'll use him on our taller Nubian and Spanish does to put meat and a butt on those pretty frames.



Mvc-737s.jpg (71683 bytes)Mvc-738s.jpg (64635 bytes)Mvc-739s.jpg (68407 bytes)Mvc-740s.jpg (68314 bytes)

click to enlarge

Every once in a while you go somewhere and find a buck that you think will be the next step for your program.  We needed a buck that was extreme in thickness, roundness of shoulder, and butt to breed to our straight Nubians and lower percentage Boers.  SGF P41 was almost a dream come true for us to find.  He goes back to Norman Kohls on the top where you find Ennobled and National Champion Oscar, Reserve National Champion NK Kelsie, and NK O'Yellar.  On the bottom side there's Highlander 104, Deion, and Belle Star.  All are great foundation animals for their breeders.  We think you'll be excited to look at his wethers this year.


Powell/Holman 88W

PH 7088 FRONT 2.jpg (91163 bytes)PH 7088 PROFILE 1.jpg (92809 bytes)

We've liked Powell/Holman breeding for our wether program almost from the beginning.   We find their bucks to be hard muscled and predictable.  We purchased 88W at their 2007 Production Sale.  He was a nice combination of muscle, length, and structure.  We also thought he had one of the best top lines and squareness over the rack.  We must have been right because we've already had visitors comment on the rack shape of his progeny.  We bred him at 9 months of age.   He is just a long yearling in the pictures below and has lost some condition cutting in his yearling teeth on pasture.  Take a look at his extension and rib shape.  There isn't any cord holding that head up.  He's got that "cobra" neck that makes for pretty wethers.  He is a Bingo son out of a EGGS over Don Smith dam.


PPW 7B128

DOUBLE B JACK 1 PROFILE.jpg (98676 bytes)DOUBLE B JACK 2 PROFILE.jpg (100463 bytes)

I've always told myself that I wouldn't own a solid red buck.  I held true to that motto until I saw this double bred grandson of TLB Jack.   I'll admit he isn't the thickest buck today.  However, when he was at 110 pounds you couldn't have drawn a buck up any better and, in the wether business, that's the size that matters.  He was tremendously square topped, hard as a rock, great rib shape, and a square pig butt.  He is tightly bred because his grand dams are both Powell/Holman Classic Warrior daughters.   The great thing for us is, when mated to our traditional does, he sired predominantly traditional kids with a few paints.   His very tubular middle has been passed on to his offspring  and they are doing very well in the show ring.    



159 T 2.jpg (110028 bytes)159 T 3.jpg (118920 bytes)159 T 4.jpg (117165 bytes)159 T 7.jpg (100827 bytes)

Powell/Holman 159T is an extremely tubular buck that had the most tremendous top of any buck I've ever laid my hands on the day we bought him.  He consistently sires wethers that top our Wether Auction.  He was my top pick at the 2005 Powell Holman Labor Day production sale.  Talk about breeding, he is out of Terry Blair's great buck TLB M154, a Yabu son, and a Bingo daughter.   If you need length and extension, with muscle, you need to take a look at 159T.  



Downen R58

Mvc-037s.jpg (71537 bytes)Mvc-036s.jpg (70423 bytes)Mvc-034s.jpg (78248 bytes)Mvc-032s.jpg (66688 bytes)

click to enlarge

We are always on the lookout for a tubular buck with thickness across the top and that nice round butt.  Take a look at Downen R58.   He's 15 months old and you can see he's still got that long, correct, tubular look that we use on our higher percentage does.  He has a wide flat top that triangles back and joins wide into his hip.  He is extremely tubular but has lots of width from front to back.  Now for the best part.  He is an own son of CNR Pistolero out of a full sister to Pipeline so you know he has thickness and muscle running through his veins.  


RHF S418

The fall of 2004 we nearly drug the tongue out of our trailer looking for a young, up-an-coming wether sire.  We had a wish list that included muscle, a cobra neck, a strong head, level hips, width throughout, a butterfly top from front to back and, with all else, pretty to look at.  After driving all over Texas he was right in our backyard, just over 30 minutes away from our house, at the Hall's in Hamilton.  The pictures are nice but this is one, awesome, young buck to put your hands on.  He is naturally hard to the touch at 95 pounds in these pictures and hasn't had any more exercise than it takes to go from the feed trough to the water bucket.  We'll breed him to a few does for May 2005 kids and make good use of him for our fall 2005 kids.

Mvc-035s.jpg (57565 bytes)Mvc-036s.jpg (51910 bytes)Mvc-037s.jpg (57917 bytes)




3 MONTHS OLD 1032 Number 2.jpg (98168 bytes)1032 Number 3.jpg (89690 bytes)  1 YEAR OLD Mvc-573s.jpg (84032 bytes)

click to enlarge

We purchased 1032 at the Texas Boer Bok sale on May 19th, 2001.  A grand-son of the mating of Ennobled Mojo Magic and D.J. (Daughter of Ennobled Kaptein) on the top and Sir on the bottom proves his strong bloodlines.  We were looking for thickness and muscle to add to our show wether program and especially on our Nubian does that have that beautiful size and scale.  There were lots of great bucks for sale but we felt that 1032 was the most complete package of thickness and muscle available.  Take a look and we think you will agree.



Ennobled on the top with Top Gun 2, Eggspensive, and DSM 8B110 "B", The Driver, is bred in the purple.  He was showed at the West Texas Fair in 2002 and placed second behind his brother who was killed in an accident.  He is clean fronted and extremely long in his yearling pictures above but still packs the meat on.  We expect some really nice wethers to come from, The Driver.  We use him on our higher percentage does to keep that clean pretty look.



Mvc-892s.jpg (74917 bytes)Mvc-893s.jpg (74686 bytes)

click to enlarge

Bred by White Oak Farm, NIKE is a powerful buck.  Just look at the rear on him.  It is really square and deep twisted.  He is in his working clothes with a marker on but is in extremely good condition for a three year old buck.   Pay special attention to the level top and level underline of this mature buck.   He walks with lots of width on big boned legs and keeps that head high and proud.  NIKE is very similar to #18 FOOTS with his legs on the corners and loaded with meat.  We'll breed our Nubians, lower percentage does, and a few full bloods to NIKE.



Mvc-570s.jpg (74820 bytes)Mvc-572s.jpg (83601 bytes)

Purchased at auction from Bobby and Ida Ogle, Sprinter has a pedigree to be proud of including Emmitt, Deion, and Ennobled Kaptein with breeders Japie Jordaan and Texas Boer Bok.  We wanted another thick butted buck to go along with #18 above.  



Mvc-459s.jpg (84135 bytes)Mvc-460s.jpg (75279 bytes)

One of our great wether sires was Buckshot.  The Ennobled Sasquatch line gave us thickness and muscle in a pretty package and an added benefit of deep bodied replacement does.  You just can't imagine how excited we were to find another buck of this great line, a paternal grandson of Ennobled Eggstreme (Son of Ennobled Sasquatch) and a great grandson of Mzuri.  On the maternal side he is a grandson of Samson-Schulz Original Buck and has that Australian breeding on the bottom side that we like so well for show wethers.  The pictures taken above are of Kiume at ten months of age and in full rut.  You can still see the tight skin, legs that are right on the corners, a big square top, and a full deep rump.  And yes, those are big tall Nubian does.  Thickness and height in a buck is so hard to find today.


Tall Rigger

7 MONTHS OLD Tall Rigger 3 Big.jpg (81913 bytes) 1 YEAR OLD Mvc-590s.jpg (80350 bytes) 2004 Mvc-769s.jpg (69572 bytes)Mvc-770s.jpg (54846 bytes)

We purchased Tall Rigger, a son of Big Rig, at the Glen Allen sale July, 2001.  We wanted a buck to compliment 1032 with that a pretty, up-front, smooth look for our 1/2 blood does.  How happy we were to find one with thickness, muscle, neck extension, and two teats for our replacement does.  A grand-son of Deion and a great grand-son of the mating of Ennobled Mojo Magic and the beautiful doe D.J., Tall Rigger has impressive credentials.



We're real happy to find this grandson of Colt 45 to add to our Wether Sire group.  The Colt 45, a son of Texas Boer Bok's Stallion, lineage has proven to be a major wether producing line.  GR M37 is a mature buck but look at his level hip, well muscled rear end, level top, and tremendous thickness.  We know you'll want to own one of his sons.


 The Admiral



The Admiral was the high selling buck at the Powell-Holman sale June 10, 2000.  Just a yearling, he had tremendous size, scale, muscling, width, color, neck attachment, and a level top.  All the things that made us want to pay the top price at a full blood auction for a goat that will be used to produce show wethers.   The Admiral was just the next step in our commitment to produce the very best show wethers available.   Unfortunately, on May 26, 2001, we lost The Admiral as the result of a freak accident.  




A proven show wether sire Buckshot has had many sons place high at major and jackpot shows!  We have retained a significant number of daughters out of Buckshot the last three years that will be bred to The Admiral for our 2001 show wethers!  Before we sold Buckshot, we bred 12 big tall Nubian type does to him for late March kids.

Son of Sasquatch

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