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Miller Show Goats


 August 26, 2017  11:00 a.m.

Dublin, Texas



We've had callers that have never attended one of our auctions express some concern about the auction format.   They have heard of wethers selling for 10's of thousands of dollars at other auctions and assume a trip to Dublin, Texas would be some of the same.  We have a low floor price and do not have phantom buyers protecting (bidding up) our offerings.  If a wether gets a bid over floor, he has a new owner!   The highest price ever paid for one or wethers was $3,100 BUT OUR AVERAGE PRICE HAS BEEN AROUND $700 THE LAST FEW YEARS.  Quality wethers at a fair price that win!!!  Review the outline of extra care we take in vaccinating our wethers.  You'll appreciate the difference down the road!  We hope you'll take the time to attend the auction on August 27th.  If you still have questions, drop us an email at champions@millershowgoats.com , call us at 254-396-0946 or, if you know Charlie Jones, give him a call and ask how we conduct our auction.   

 Approximately 35 May/June born wethers!

    Absolutely No May/June Wethers Sold Private Treaty Before Sale!  

    Low Floor Price!  

    Wethers Will Be Dehorned & Castrated!

    Most Wethers Born Prior to June 1st Will Be Weaned!

    All Wethers Vaccinated At Least Twice for CD&T and Vaccinated against Soremouth!

    All Dams were given Vaccine for Salmonella and E-Coli in third trimester!

    All Wethers Vaccinated for Pneumonia!

    All Wethers Wormed multiple times!


Jared and I spent lots of time trying to get 75 day old wethers to set up like they had been on a lead before.   They didn't!   That's not how I like to show goats anyway.   I like for them to be moving about.   Here is a video, not an airbrushed rendering of a goat, that has been set up.   I hope you like them as much as I do but, either way, they are in a natural state.   This is only about 1/2 of what will be sold on Saturday!


Wether F 131 B Crop.jpg (310872 bytes)Wether F 131 A Crop.jpg (344466 bytes)

This is a really nice balanced July 2nd born wether that my Mom has done an excellent job raising.   He is a Man O Man son.  It is a shame that he was so camera shy this afternoon otherwise you could see the deep groove down his back.  In the right hands, he could be really special!   (Click on picture for larger view.)

Wether Butts 2016 Crop.jpg (367214 bytes)

I just couldn't resist taking this late evening feeding picture looking at all those wether butts!   Especially liked that one right after the other is square hipped and has wide spaced feet on those corners.   

Wether 100 F Crop.jpg (528578 bytes)Wether 40 F Crop.jpg (299189 bytes)


From Stephenville, go south on Highway 377.  After you have gone approximately 7 miles, watch to your right and there will be a huge Allsup's Convenience Store/ Truck stop and a manufacturing plant for Prime Building Components.  You will turn right onto CR 351 between these two business.  Look down at your   

odometer and go 4/10ths of a mile and turn left on CR 497.  Sale will be on your right about 300 yards down CR 497.  If coming from Dublin north on Highway 377, go approximately s of a mile, look for Prime Building Components and the Allsup's Convenience Store/Truck Stop to your left, turn left on CR 351 between the two business using the crossover just past Prime Building Components, go 4/10ths of a mile and turn left on CR 497.  Sale will be on your right about 300 yards down CR 497. 

Wethers are located in Dublin and Zephyr until Thursday, August 26th.  Give us a call if you're coming through prior to the sale.  Wethers will be in place in Dublin on Friday, August 27th,  and can be viewed then or on sale day after 8:00 a.m.  Sale will begin promptly at 11:00 a.m.  Throw a lawn-chair in the back and come join us!  Limited concessions will be available.  Contact Terry and Patti  at 254-396-0946 or email at champions@millershowgoats.com  .  If passing through Zephyr, give Loy and Nelsie a call at 325-647-5787.